Next step in clarifying the CO2 issue

According to the press release of November 13, 2015, Volkswagen has narrowed down the vehicles affected by the “CO2 issue”:

  • „The internal investigations into the current vehicles of the 2016 model year provide results for narrowing down the actually affected vehicles with implausible CO2 figures. In total for the 2016 model year approx. 430,000 vehicles are affected across the Group.“
  • „[models of previous years taken into account], the Volkswagen Group continues to anticipate that this will be the previously communicated total figure of around 800,000 vehicles.“

„Issue“ is VW language for scandal, scandalous crime or organized crime. With the choice of words “CO2 issue” Volkswagen puts the manipulations in the consumption measurement on a par with the illegal defeat devices. VW calls the latter “diesel issue”.

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