Welcome to vw-umweltziele.de

At some point in 2017, the website of Volkswagen must have been thoroughly cleaned up to remove the environmental goals. The result: It became very difficult to find both current and historic goal definitions. In particular, this concerns goals which refer to the VW products.

I fear that this purge is intentional and not accidental or technical.

Anyway, I wanted to get an overview of the VW environmental goals and their development over the last two decades. This turned out to be a boring and time consuming effort. I want to spare you the repetition of this work. And I suppose there may be some interest in Volkswagen’s environmental policy. That’s why I launched this website in april 2018.

Note about dates attributed to Blog-Posts

Dates on this blog basically refer to the date of the underlying (mostly VW) documents. So it’s not the date on which I wrote each blog post. The latter date would be uninteresting, since I wrote the bulk of the contributions on the eve of the VW 2018 Annual General Meeting.

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