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At the GAM 2019, the author will once again make countermotions and give advice on solving problems the existence of which VW denies so far.

Volkswagen released its Sustainability Report 2018 12th of march 2019. The report refers to production-related environmental goals several times. Apparently Volkswagen continues to succeed in further reducing resource consumption and avoiding environmental pollution in the production process. This is very …

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The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hans Dieter Pötsch, has called me around 17:20 with 3 minutes lead.

The Sustainability Report 2017, published March 2018, relates on several occasions to the environmental objectives of Volkswagen. But they aren’t given in an explicit manner.

With the Sustainability Report 2016, Volkswagen has departed from the established, well-functioning approach of presenting reports as completed documents in PDF format. Instead, the visitor to the website is confronted with a confusing collection of html-based content. What VW reveals …

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It can not be deduced from the VW internet presence whether a Sustainability Report 2015 exists or existed. In May 2018, I thought I had found traces of it, with which I linked a post in german. The corresponding links …

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Volkswagen has checked and controlled until the irregularities in CO2 levels seemingly vanished into thin air.

According to the press release of November 13, 2015, Volkswagen has narrowed down the vehicles affected by the “CO2 issue”:

During the course of internal investigations irregularities were found when determining type approval CO2 levels. In a press release dated November 3, 2015, Volkswagen promises a relentless and comprehensive clarification of the issue: Matthias Müller: “Relentless and comprehensive clarification is …

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The Volkswagen Groups Sustainability Report 2014 is available as PDF-Document (Link validity: May 2018.)