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At the GAM 2019, the author will once again make countermotions and give advice on solving problems the existence of which VW denies so far.

Although officially VW environmental goal for 10 years, no person in charge can or wants to explain what is meant by “support fuel-efficient styles of driving”.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hans Dieter Pötsch, has called me around 17:20 with 3 minutes lead.

The Media information NO. 333/2017 claims: “Volkswagen Group raises its environmental targets: 45 percent reduction in environmental impact by 2025”. Unfortunately it does not explain how to find either historic or current environmental targets.

The Volkswagen Groups Sustainability Report 2014 is available as PDF-Document (Link validity: May 2018.)

The Environmental Principles Products, dating, 1.12.2008, are apparantly still valid. They are listed as a part of volkswagen policy. They are cited here in full: