General Annual Meeting 2018

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hans Dieter Pötsch, has called me around 17:20 with 3 minutes lead. Without special treatment. No further sabotage. How great it is to be prepared to come to the podium!
And my concept of the speech also fits with the conceded 3 minutes of speaking time. A few listeners were still in the hall. Thanks for listening!

My speech on VW environmental goals

„‚Fuel-saving driving styles must be supported‘ that said the Environmental Principles Products from 1.12.2008

If this goal has actually been achieved in any vehicle over the past 10 years, it seems to be an exception. VW brakes corrode when used sparsely, which may lead to accidents and human suffering.

put emphasis on this goal!
We need economic cars that are suitable for fuel-efficient styles of driving. Or elecric cars, that are suitable for power-saving styles of driving.

The Sustainability Report 2014 aims to reduce consumption in customer operations
Was the goal achieved?
How was this checked?

The Sustainability Report 2017 shows dramatic regression
As late as 2025 random, realistic tests on the road shall be introduced.

Press release 333/2017 claims: ‚Volkswagen Group raises its environmental targets‘
There remain doubts concerning the interpretation of this Media Information.

If you are confused about the VW environmental goals – go to:

Proposal: create long-term transparency in the environmental goals! use PDF files and permanent links!

Handover of access data for to Ms. Werner in the business area ‚Integrity and Law‘

I wish you an exciting debate.“

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