Sustainability Report 2013

The Sustainabilaty Report 2013 is available at the Internet Archive as a  PDF-Document.

The Original File, dating May 13, 2014, was located in April 2015 here:

Now, Max 2018, it vanished. Extract (from page 111, emphasis added):


In accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), our 2012 Sustainability Report for the first time reported on the Volkswagen Group’s non-energy indirect emissions (Scope 3 emissions). A Scope 3 inventory comprises 15 different categories of emissions, including activities such as employee commuting, use of sold products, end-of-life treatment of sold products and various categories of upstream emissions. The bulk of our CO2 emissions (approximately 76%) is accounted for by use of sold products (vehicles). We can tackle these emissions not only by producing more fuelefficient vehicle models but also by offering new forms of vehicle use, fuel-economy training programs and information for customers. Emissions from upstream transportation and distribution, employee commuting and end-of-life treatment on the other hand make only a small contribution to total Scope 3 emissions, at well below 5%. Nevertheless, here too the cataloging of emissions has sharpened our focus on key action areas, given that we are aiming to set a good example in all areas, and to exploit all options open to us (figures: see page 133).”

This reference to page 133 relates to following table:

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