Environmental Principles Products

The Environmental Principles Products, dating, 1.12.2008, are apparantly still valid. They are listed as a part of volkswagen policy. They are cited here in full:

„Volkswagen Group Environmental Principles Products

The Volkswagen Group’s Environmental Principles serve as a guideline for all the Group’s marques and regions, taking into account the regional possibilities. To live up to our responsibility towards customers, society and the environment, we have made the continuous improvement of the Group’s products in respect of their environmental compatibility and resource conservation an integral part of our corporate policy. Our activities and processes are shaped by a prudent approach to ecological challenges.
In line with this approach, we have defined the following objectives:

1. Climate protection

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce fuel consumption in the driving cycle and over the
    vehicle’s service life with the customer
  • support fuel-efficient styles of driving

2. Resource conservation

  • improve resource efficiency
  • attain optimum recyclability by taking account of innovative
    recycling technologies
  • use renewable and secondary raw materials
  • develop and make available alternative powertrain technologies
  • enable the use of alternative fuels and other energy storage
    systems, taking account of regional circumstances

3. Healthcare

  • reduce regulated and non-regulated emissions
  • avoid the use of hazardous and harmful materials – wherever
    possible in line with the world’s strictest materials legislation
  • minimise interior emissions including odours
  • attain best possible exterior and interior noise levels

In future, we will develop each model in such a way that, in its entirety, it presents better environmental properties than its predecessor. As we do so, we will make sure that improvements are attained over the entire product life cycle.
In this process, the Volkswagen Group will take particular account of the changes in mobility and environmental aspects resulting from growing levels of urbanisation.
The environmental objectives set out above also serve to differentiate us from the competition to the benefit of our customers. The Volkswagen Group aims to rank among the leaders in respect of environmental matters.
Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn
Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG

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