VW in the Brazilian Military Dictatorship

Volkswagen presents the study „VW do Brasil in the Brazilian Military Dictatorship 1964-1985“ by the external expert Christopher Kopper. To announce this release VW issues Media information 420/2017 which is entitled: Volkswagen comes to terms with its past in Brazil.

According to this Study VW board member Friedrich Schultz-Wenk was decidedly positive about the coup; even euphoric. (Page 20)

This study is highly relevant in many contexts. It is mentioned here as a context of the environmental goals of Volkswagen because of the Rio Cristalino-Project. At Rio Cristalino Volkswagen took an adventure that seems opposed to any kind of ethical rule and environmental objectives. Kopper concludes on page 114:

„Based on current knowledge, the transformation of savannah forest into pasture land on the VW fazenda in the Brazilian state of Pará was a serious ecological error which ultimately only brought VW financial losses. VW do Brasil indirectly shared a substantial portion of the responsibility for the exploitation of itinerant workers engaged on clearing operations. The fazenda’s management engaged exploitative employment agents with the knowledge and approval of the VW do Brasil management board. In doing so, it violated fundamental social standards, instead of employing the workers itself on acceptable terms.“

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